Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems are at the heart of airport security, helping operators accumulate information, track incidents, and manage response. PSIMs are essentially the nervous system, which helps the control center ‘brain’ understand what the airport ‘eyes and ears’ are telling them.

Given PSIMs are so essential, it only makes sense to use the very best, highest performing, and most innovative solutions on the market. This blog posting highlights three exciting PSIM systems from the US, EU, and Israel.

Qognify Situator 

Qognify, a US contender, specializes in providing operational intelligence management software solutions, with a focus on airports.

Situator, Qognify’s PSIM offering, offers everything you would expect from a modern PSIM, such as GIS overlays, automated workflow management, and on-the-fly data analysis. Most importantly Situator is built to be agnostic to hardware- integration, meaning that expensive Security Information hardware can be seamlessly integrated with the Situator product.

Octopus Command & Control

Based in Tel-Aviv, Octopus Command & Control places Israeli security innovation practices at the heart of their high-quality PSIM. This PSIM is being used extensively throughout Israel in forward thinking high-security environments.

Octopus is impressive in its modernity; having received seed investment from incubators such as Singulariteam ($2.5M) and an innovation award from design leaders Frost & Sullivan. The advantage of the Octopus solution is that it’s a cloud-based PSIM, working on and permitting coordination between all devices. This provides a clear advantage in coordinating responses between disparate on-the-ground response teams.

Innovative Security Manager 

This Copenhagen-based PSIM oozes Nordic class. Working closely with the Copenhagen Airport, Innovative Security Manager is carefully designed to respond precisely to the needs of the modern airport security team.

Packed with features such as real-time mapping, task automation, a responder app for efficient information communication with on-the-ground staff, and full integration with legacy hardware, Innovative Security Manager is a compelling solution.


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