Hats off to the US Travel Association for its November 2016 32-page report on Transforming Security at US Airports.  The recommendations are crystal clear, incorporate past recommendations from a variety of stakeholders, and include:

  • Redirecting airlines passenger fees to cover the cost of and improve TSA screening operations;
  • Improving passenger preparedness and promoting the wider use of secure identity documents;
  • Empowering airports and the private sector to innovate and improve security;
  • Improving the checkpoint experience;
  • Improving and expanding TSA Pre-Check;
  • Budgeting for new and emerging technologies;
  • Facilitating non-partisan leadership of TSA to enhance continuity;
  • Promoting Risk Based Security;
  • Implementing One-Stop Security between the US and EU; and
  • Enhancing risk mitigation tactics.

With the change of administration in the US, USTA has a huge opportunity to put in motion some of their suggestions.  If other associations and the airport or airline industry will rally around them to inspire Congress and new DHS leadership, we could see loads of change on the horizon in 2017 and beyond.

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