What is happening?

European Union (EU) Member States have given the go-ahead to a draft proposal aimed at ensuring aviation security rules are up to date.


What should we expect?

Like the United States FAA Reauthorization Act signed into law  in October of this year (read our blog on the Bill), the rules will include new provisions aimed at reducing the risk of insider threat. Screening requirements for LAGs (liquids, aerosols and gels) will be clarified, and standards for certain explosive detection equipment will be introduced. We will also see updates to regulations governing small airports and hold baggage operations.


Why does it matter?

Insider threat has been a hot-button issue since at least 2015 with several newsworthy incidents shedding light on serious vulnerabilities. Details of the proposal are not publicly available, but the European Commission has said that measures will include revised background check procedures for aviation personnel. New standards for explosive detection equipment are similarly important if the EU expects screening capabilities to remain relevant based on the continuously evolving risk picture.


What’s next?

We expect the rules to be published in February 2019. Check back for detailed analysis.

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