TSA has announced it plans to have 40 CT units in operation by the end of 2018. By the end of 2019, the aim is to have 145 operational CT scanners at TSA checkpoints.


Why is this an important development?


CT@Checkpoint has been on the agenda for several years, with an ongoing debate over the technology’s readiness for prime-time in US airport checkpoints.  By committing to purchase 145 units, TSA is laying a marker in the sand that it’s committed to rolling out these new systems, despite the cost and potential operational challenges associated with the initial deployments.  Hats off to TSA for taking the leap.  The challenge now will be to determine where they should go, and in which order.  The hope would be that they’ll be deployed in a way that most effectively buys down risk, and that provides the best opportunity for robust data collection to determine whether TSA should continue along this path.  Time will tell.

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