“My coach said I run like a girl.  And I said, if he ran a little faster, he could too.” – Mia Hamm

As a woman-owned business in the aviation security and passenger facilitation sectors, we are thrilled to partner with Airports Council International (ACI) World to announce the launch of Women in Aviation Security (AVSEC).  #womeninavsec

Women in AVSEC is (for now) an informal international industry group of women professionals dedicated to driving impactful change through effective collaboration.  Nina Brooks (ACI-World), Nathalie Herbelles (ACI-World), Marie-Caroline Laurent (LAM LHA), and I recognize the value of the #femaleunderground in this sector and we want it to grow.  We want other women to find opportunity in what can be a walled-garden sector.  More horsepower.  More collaboration.  Better decision-making.  Smarter security. #wisdomoffemalecrowds

So, we’re taking time out of our busy lives to cultivate the network in a small, iterative, and deliberate way.  No big bang launch or website.  Just a LinkedIn Group and a lot of friends/Rockstar female professionals who care, and are sure to also invest their time.

The growth in passenger volumes and an ever-evolving threat means we can’t do more of the same.  So, ladies, let’s bring new ideas and greater collaboration to enhance the security of the aviation network today and well into the future.

Join our LinkedIn Group and let’s get started!  Much more to follow in the months ahead (watch this space).

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