Heroic efforts over the last few weeks (insert background applause):

  • EUROCONTROL Member States’ decision to defer airlines’ payment of air traffic control fees
  • UIC, the Worldwide Railway Organisation, for publishing guidance for railway stakeholders on the management of COVID-19
  • The US Treasury, for reaching a deal with the airline industry on a $25 billion aid package
  • ICAO’s advice to national governments on facilitating repatriation flights
  • ACI World for publishing operational practices for managing the impact of COVID-19 on airports
  • The European Commission, for developing an EU toolbox for the use of mobile applications for contact tracing and warning
  • The European Data Protection Board for its work in supporting a GDPR-compliant and privacy compliant approach to the development of contact tracing apps

The Dark Knights are alive and well.  #aviation #gratitude #bettertogether #WeAreAviation

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