Our round of applause for the week of March 30, 2020 goes to:

  • IATA, ACI, A4E, and A4A for continuous work with national authorities to find relief for our industry.
  • DG MOVE clarifications on exceptional measures in transport due to COVID 19.
  • IATA, together with the Medical Advisory Group (MAG), for compiling a reference guide for ground handling.
  • US Congress and the Trump Administration’s agreement on a COVID-19 response bill that includes $10 billion in airport grants.
  • The European Commission’s guidelines on facilitating air cargo operations during the COVID-19 outbreak – Recognizing that “Continued and uninterrupted air cargo services are vital for the economy and for fighting COVID-19”.
  • Aviation Sans Frontière’s efforts to create a platform for the free transfer of medical staff.
  • EASA guidance for the transport of cargo in the cabin of passenger aircraft.
  • EUROCONTROL’s acceptance to defer airlines’ February-May en-route ATC charges with payments beginning in November 2020.
  • The European Commission’s Guidance on the implementation of temporary restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU.
  • Thales making available its cyber threat assessment materials during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Caped Crusaders continue!  #aviation #gratitude #bettertogether


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