PARAS 0046 

As airports are ever-focused on access control with tenants/partners, they could benefit from up-to-date practical guidance on enhancing security at their tenant-controlled facilities.

We have officially kicked-off a project with the National Safe Skies Alliance (Safe Skies) to do just that:  Program for Applied Research in Airport Security (PARAS) 0046: Security at Tenant and Third-Party Controlled Facilities at Airports project.

Previous PARAS projects:

We have had the privilege of supporting Safe Skies with other PARAS projects in the past—PARAS 0020, PARAS 0021, PARAS 0030, PARAS 0032—and are thankful for this new opportunity!

Our dream team:

And, we’re very grateful for our Principal Investigator Roger Shoemaker, and for our rockstar partners on the journey with us: Dom Zoeful, Doug Wendt, Andy Etrekin, Jessica Gafford, Cortney Thekan.

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