A Paris Homecoming & Key Takeaways

The long-awaited Passenger Terminal Expo two weeks ago in Paris provided the LAM LHA Team au complet the opportunity to stroll the isles of the exhibition hall, delighted to finally be able to reconnect with all of the change-agents in our sector. With most of you now retreated to your respective countries and homes, we thought it was important to look back at last week’s event and take a few minutes to reflect on key PTE themes:

1. The passenger terminal of the future will be intuitive and digitally supported

The technology and solution providers showcasing their products at PTE exemplified the clear shift away from the traditional concept of passenger terminals—and the turn towards a more digitally enabled airport. Innovative digital solutions will play a key role in the years to come, not only as a way to improve operational efficiency or offering fully contactless digital journeys, but also as way to mitigate some of the most burdensome safety and security requirements. New technology solutions will, for example, have a key role to play in mitigating the potential risks associated with the imminent launch of the Entry Exit System in Europe.

2. Cyber is on the rise

The increased digitalization of airports is inevitably linked to rising concerns with cybersecurity. This was demonstrated at PTE by the number of cyber vendors attending this year, which appeared higher than in previous years. The solutions showcased at PTE addressed airports’ move to cloud-based solutions and increased risk associated with the current geopolitical context.

3. More automation in operations is coming in (very) short order

From automated baggage unloading and handling systems to virtual queuing and automated border capabilities, examples of fully automated solutions were plentiful at PTE. Automation was already trending prior to COVID, but we’re clearly seeing greater urgency now with labor shortages as the aviation sector rebounds and a desire among operators to reduce OPEX.

4. More and better data will enable a more secure, and a more enjoyable, passenger experience

We are collecting more and more data as an industry, and we’re pleased to see that industry is keeping pace with new and emerging products to deliver more robust analytics for continuous improvement. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is sure to offer step change in how we leverage data to enhance security, operational efficiency, and passenger experience simultaneously over the next decade. Exciting times ahead.

Finally, PTE reminded us of the importance of in-person meetings. And, we are already very much looking forward to seeing you all in Amsterdam in 2023! #avsec #ittakesavillage

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