LAM LHA’s team of experts works to build stronger, more efficient security solutions by fostering true collaboration among diverse government, airport/airline, and industry stakeholders.

LAM LHA is the Tibetan Goddess of Travel and Worldly Protector who rode on the back of a golden bee.
We support worldly protectors. And bees are cross-pollinators—just like us.
Appropriate, no?


We help technology builders, policy makers, and airport and security operators build a more secure future and a seamless experience for travelers worldwide.

We help technology builders, policy makers, and airport and security operators build a more secure future and a seamless experience for travelers worldwide.


Fewer walls lead to greater collaboration.

As dedicated cross-pollinators, LAM LHA facilitates the sharing of ideas among networks of experts from government and industry to tackle difficult challenges or harness new product development and market growth opportunities.

Honesty rules.

We respect the process of building your trust, which includes telling you the truth. We won’t sugar-coat a message to win your business. Rather, we’ll give you a full understanding of the risks so you can carefully evaluate your options.

People should be the focus of security technology and practices.

We design future security practices and applications around the needs of the end-user, focusing on desirability, feasibility, and viability.

Change is 20% technology and 80% people, process, and politics.

We see beyond “bold ideas” and “new technology” to decode the human, operational, and political elements that must align to successfully integrate new processes and technologies into the real-world security ecosystem.

Good planning is everything.

Without thoughtful, strategic planning, brilliant ideas become missed opportunities. Sustained progress requires consistent communication and focused collaboration. Our proven approach to project execution helps us guide your team’s big idea from an initial concept to real-world implementation.


LAM LHA was established in 2014 based on our founder and managing partner’s experience leading the US Transportation Security Administration’s innovation group, focusing on the roll-out of next-generation technologies and approaches across US airports. After serving with TSA and advising senior officials on matters related to new and emerging security capabilities and global aviation security policy, Anne Marie Pellerin recognized the need for a team of focused experts in the private sector dedicated to guiding technological innovations from the laboratory to practical implementation in real-word aviation, transportation, and border security environments. Since our first project developing the International Air Transportation Association’s (IATA) Smart Security guidance materials and airport case studies, we have expanded our capabilities to support some of the most innovative enterprises in the industry in bringing new approaches and capabilities to the forefront, and in preparing for the future.

« With the growth we’re seeing in travel and an evolving threat environment, we must accelerate the development and deployment of new capabilities to simultaneously drive efficiencies and ensure a robust security posture. Cumbersome administrative processes and rigid acquisition cycles don’t work anymore. Tight feedback loops, agile approaches, new financing models, and open platforms must underpin how we move this industry forward. »

Anne Marie Pellerin Managing Partner, LAM LHA