European Union Aims to Tackle Insider Threat with New Rules

What is happening? European Union (EU) Member States have given the go-ahead to a draft proposal aimed at ensuring aviation security rules are up to date.   What should we expect? Like the [...]

From Road to Runway: AVs to drive change at airports

In March 2004, twelve autonomous vehicles (AV) set off through the Mojave Desert to conquer a 240-kilometer course and take home a $1 million prize. The competition, organized by DARPA and dubbed [...]

The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 Recognizes Innovation Trends

At the beginning of October, following three years of short-term extensions (the last full FAA reauthorization expired on September 30, 2015), the FAA was finally granted long-term funding. The [...]

TSA’s Biometric Roadmap

The commercial aviation sector is growing, with passenger volume expected to double by as early as 2031. As more and more people take to the air, the importance of aviation security and the [...]