LAM LHA’s broad experience helps clients solve challenges, identify opportunities, and reach greater heights in providing secure and seamless solutions to the traveling public.

Case Studies

The LAM LHA team partners with diverse stakeholders to envision, develop and realize innovative solutions industry-wide, a few of which are described here. For more information about our engagements, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Monitoring Growth Opportunities

LAM LHA supported an IT strategy and management consulting firm in monitoring opportunities to support 100% growth year-on-year.

AI Market Study

LAM LHA supported a leading dual use AI company in their efforts to grow in the federal homeland security market.

Passenger Experience Current State Assessment

LAM LHA supported a large European airport in assessing the service quality of the different steps in the passenger journey

Accelerating Product T&E in Europe

We helped a detection technology manufacturer design a T&E roadmap to ensure effective and efficient resource spend.

New Tech in Runway Safety & a Go-to-Market Approach

We supported an aerospace and defence company by conducting research on the state of the runway safety market and regulatory framework in Europe.

Thinking Through Open Borders

We are rolling up our sleeves alongside the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to develop a Manual on Open Borders for industry, incorporating new regulatory realities, current operational considerations, new processes, and emerging technology capabilities.

Autonomous Vehicles & Security in US Airports

We are supporting the US National Safe Skies Alliance to conduct market research on the nascent autonomous vehicle market within the context of aviation security operations.

AI & Machine Learning in AVSEC

We collaborated with an innovative artificial intelligence start-up building a detection platform to accompany cabin-baggage screening.

European Regulation & Road Ahead

We helped a large OEM resolve regulatory challenges with a direct impact on their bottom line.

First-In-Kind European Certification

We worked with a small US company to complete testing and evaluation of their product through the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), allowing them to launch initial trials.

New Thinking Around Wait Time Data

We supported a passenger flow analytics client through a US Government innovation program, thereby contributing to the development of government requirements around passenger flow data.

Pre-Clearance 2.0; A More Flexible Approach

We assisted a major European airport in developing a comprehensive future-proofing strategy surrounding the US DHS Pre-Clearance program, which will help make the airport a leading last-point of-departure location from Europe to the US.

Automated Detection of Wildlife Trafficking

We are providing subject matter expertise to an international organization for the development of an image library for the creation of automated detection algorithms for wildlife parts.

LAM LHA’s transportation security and passenger facilitation advisory services offer next-gen approaches for the 21st century.

LAM LHA’s transportation security and passenger facilitation advisory services offer next-gen approaches for the 21st century.