Accelerating Product T&E in Europe

Strategy & New Market


LAM LHA supported the client with outreach to future customers to understand the most desirable concept of operations for their equipment (CONOPS) and, based on feedback, developed a product qualification roadmap focused on a private test with a European national lab and full testing and evaluation through the European Civil Aviation Conference’s (ECAC) Common Evaluation Process (CEP).


Client: Passenger Screening System Manufacturer

Business type: Company

Client location: Europe

  • Project Features

•  Outreach to relevant airports to collect relevant information related to how future customers would use the tech to enhance efficiencies, raise security, and/or drive down cost.
•  Based on this outreach, outlined a recommended approach to T&E in Europe including estimated cost and timeline.
•  Supported clients outreach to key European stakeholders, including monitoring key regulatory developments.

  • Key Accomplishments

Targeted and informative private test completed with a national lab, which has informed additional product development prior to submission of the product for full testing