AI & Machine Learning in AVSEC

Strategy & New Market


LAM LHA has actively worked alongside an innovative artificial intelligence start-up building a detection platform to accompany cabin-baggage screening. Within this context, LAM LHA has helped this firm establish high-level traction with national stakeholders and international organizations, equally facilitating pilot and sales opportunities at several key transport hubs. LAM LHA has ensured that this start-up can roll out their technology across the world and change the aviation security paradigm forever.


Client: Anonymous

Business type: Tech startup

Client location: Germany

  • Project Features
  • Preparation of algorithm development hub with one European national testing lab
  • Identification of pilot programs with three EU checkpoint locations
  • Outreach to several nation-states evangelizing artificial intelligence technology
  • Key Accomplishments
  • Roll-out of the artificial intelligence platform for pilot periods in several European locations
  • Establishment of Research and Development partnerships with European National Government stakeholders and testing centers
  • Development of partnerships with international stakeholders to facilitate future platform deployment
  • Support in the positioning of the client as an innovative actor on the global stage through speaking opportunities and bilateral meetings with key market influencers