Automated Detection of Wildlife Trafficking

Program Design


As part of a broader effort to combat wildlife trafficking, LAM LHA helped a global association and a partner government with initial guidance in the development of a data library for the development of algorithms to automate the detection of wildlife parts in hold-baggage screening. Our efforts set the stage for additional funding discussions and a broader roadmap to build a Proof of Concept and eventually deploy the capability at scale.


Client: Anonymous

Business type: Global Association

Client location: Europe

  • Project Features
  • Initial scoping discussions with international organization client and partner government
  • Outreach to algorithm developer community to assess data needs
  • Development of guidance documentation related to broader project phasing and image library development
  • Key Accomplishments
  • Baseline understanding among stakeholders of key considerations in building a Proof of Concept, avoiding future obstacles
  • Government partner agreement to commence development of data set