Autonomous Vehicles & Security in US Airports

Guidance Material Development


LAM LHA has worked with the National Safe Skies Alliance, a non-profit FAA-funded organisation that works in aviation security, to conduct an in-depth research on the possible uses of autonomous vehicles for airport security applications. Within this context, LAM LHA has engaged with stakeholders and regulators to delineate the technological, regulatory and operational challenges connected to the use of such capabilities. Thanks to LAM LHA’s work, airports now have a future-proof understanding of the potential of autonomous vehicles for security applications. The final report is available here.


Client: National Safe Skies Alliance

Business type: Non-Profit

Client location: US

  • Project Features
  • Research on current and emerging technologies
  • Live demonstrations of new technologies
  • IT/Network Security Considerations
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Safety, insurance, liability and regulatory considerations
  • Key Accomplishments
  • Engagement and outreach with airport operators, regulators and academia
  • Execution of autonomous vehicles demonstrations in live airport environments with OEMs and industry leaders
  • Extended literature review and key considerations for US airports looking to deploy autonomous vehicles for security applications
  • Final report available here.