First-In-Kind European Certification

Strategy & New Market


We supported a small US company with market entry into Europe, assisting them with the European Civil Aviation Conference’s testing and evaluation process and engagement with national labs. Together we developed and executed on a European stakeholder engagement roadmap, supporting the company to accelerate initial trial opportunities in the region.


Client: Anonymous

Business type: Small Business

Client location: US

  • Project Features
  • ECAC Common Evaluation Program (CEP) testing & evaluation support
  • Regular engagement with European national labs related to T&E
  • Trial development & support
  • Regulatory tracking and opportunity analysis
  • Key Accomplishments
  • Completion of ECAC T&E process under five months, with product on the ECAC list of acceptable technology for both passenger and cargo
  • National product certification in France
  • Trial opportunities with major European airports and cargo operators