New Tech in Runway Safety & a Go-to-Market Approach

Strategy & New Market


LAM LHA worked with the client to assess the state of and possible interest in the deployment of automated FOD detection systems at European airports. Safety on and around the runway is highly regulated, requiring airport operators to implement specific daily measures. We engaged a series of potential customers to understand how the client’s multisensory solution could be used most impactfully and where they should target their go-to-market discussions.


Client: Anonymous

Business type: Company

Client location: North America

  • Project Features
  • Customer profile development and outreach
  • Analysis of customer discussions and review of regulatory environment to de-risk approach 1-5 years out
  • Review of competitive landscape
  • Key Accomplishments
  • Provided key recommendations to client on go-to-market approach, outlining potential challenges
  • Raised awareness with industry and policymakers on new capabilities in the market related to runway surveillance