New Thinking Around Wait Time Data

Regulatory & Requirements Development


LAM LHA supported a European passenger analytics company through the US Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Innovation Task Force (ITF) program, also identifying a funding opportunity through a broader Department of Homeland Security innovation program. The ITF demonstration informed TSA’s approach to future requirements, while at the same time providing our client valuable insights into the operational realities of security checkpoints across US airports.


Client: Anonymous

Business type: Small Business

Client location: Europe

  • Project Features
  • ITF documentation development support
  • On-the-ground ITF project management support
  • Stakeholder engagement at the local airport level
  • DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program opportunity support
  • Key Accomplishments
  • ITF selection
  • Successful ITF pilot at major US hub airport
  • Connectivity with key partners for longer-term opportunity pursuit
  • SVIP award of $200K+ in initial tranche funding