Passenger Experience Current State Assessment

Strategy & New Market


LAM LHA supported a large European airport in assessing the service quality of the different steps in the passenger journey

  • Project Features
  • Analysis of the passenger journey based on key stages, areas and services
  • Review of airport processes and operational data
  • On-site review of processes and discussions with the Team
  • Identification of key bottlenecks throughout the journey
  • Assessment of successes and opportunities for each stage, area and services
  • Recommendations for enhancing passenger experience based on existing infrastructure constraints and the use of new technologies
  • Key Accomplishments
  • Overview of existing processes and technologies used throughout the passenger journey: pre-departure, transport, parking, curbside, check-in, bag-drop, security, border control, boarding, transit, arrival, baggage claim, PRM, health checks
  • Outline of performance based on the qualitive data collected throughout the project
  • Provided possible solutions to enhance passenger flows, with a specific focus on contactless tools, self-service options and passenger segmentation
  • Offered a framework for the implementation of more touchless and digital approaches over the next 6-24 month period