Pre-Clearance 2.0; A More Flexible Approach

Program Design


LAM LHA engaged with a major European airport to develop a stronger value proposition related to the US Pre-Clearance offering, helping executive-level decision-makers differentiate between non-negotiable requirements and elements ripe for a new approach. Our work supported the airport in presenting a cohesive proposal to its national authority.


Client: Anonymous

Business type: Airport

Client location: Europe

  • Project Features
  • Workshop providing overview of Pre-Clearance evolution and key elements related to a successful operation
  • Assessment of existing security measures in place
  • Review of prior proposals and exchange with host government related to Pre-Clearance
  • Design and delivery of new screening approach for a more dynamic/flexible Pre-Clearance operation
  • Key Accomplishments
  • Listing of key compliance measures to be undertaken by this airport in the context of Pre-Clearance
  • Solidified internal agreement on a proposal related to Pre-Clearance for presentation to the national authority
  • National authority agreement and engagement in discussions with US authorities