LAM LHA supports a range of clients—governments, airports & airlines, solution providers, and more—to develop sound, future-proof programs, approaches and technologies designed with two primary goals in mind: a more secure network and a more seamless experience for the traveling public.


Strategy & New Market Discovery

We help senior executives and their teams navigate the complex and heavily regulated aviation, transportation, and border security sectors to bring new capabilities to market faster.

  • Positioning & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Go-to-Market Roadmaps & Trial Development
  • Testing & Evaluation Support
  • On-the-Ground Representation

Future-Proofing & Program Design

We analyze our clients’ security and passenger facilitation needs to identify future-focused solutions and approaches for each unique environment or circumstance.

  • Consultation and Assessment
  • Requirements Development
  • Master Planning
  • Trial Support

Regulatory & Requirements Development

Change is happening fast in the aviation and security sectors. We ensure that our clients’ messages are heard, and we help them set the standard and stay in front.

  • Government Engagement
  • Regulatory Mapping & Tracking
  • Coalition Building

Research & Guidance Development

We dig deep and travel far to understand trends, vulnerabilities, and opportunities in the aviation, transportation, and security markets.

  • Market Research & Benchmarking
  • Guidance Material Development
  • Trend Forecasting & Vision Shaping


  • Screening & Detection
  • Facilitation & Passenger Experience
  • Risk-Based Security & Passenger Differentiation
  • Elite Traveler Programs
  • Identity Management
  • Checkpoint Optimization & Queue Design
  • Risk Modeling & Regulatory Compliance
  • Capacity Development and Sustainability
  • Passenger Data (API/PNR)
  • Autonomous Vehicles in Airports


« We needed an on-the-ground European representative to help us explore market opportunities for piloting our technology directly with airport stakeholders. Anne Marie and the team at LAM LHA provided us with expert guidance, strategies and connections. They were then able to coordinate with a range of ECAC stakeholders to ensure we developed and met the relevant testing and evaluation standards for a new detection product. »

Raj Mellacheruvu CEO, 1st Detect