Future-Proofing & Program Design

Planning is everything. Maximize your security investment with a future-proof approach. The devil is in the details!


With explosive growth predicted in the next decade, we help airports, airlines and governments prepare by analyzing current technologies and processes and identifying future-focused solutions and approaches to providing secure, seamless passenger experiences. Moreover, we help our clients maximize their security and passenger facilitation investments through better data and a new approach to risk.

Consultation and Assessment

Stepping away from the day-to-day and finding fresh perspective can be difficult.  Moreover, an ever-evolving regulatory landscape adds significant complexity to building an effective security strategy.  We work with a range of clients to assess their security posture and identify how to best buy down risk and enhance operational efficiency in a manner that aligns with their core business or mission objectives.

Requirements Development

Based on a robust assessment of our clients’ needs, we help craft future requirements allowing them to think outside of the box, and find the best and brightest solutions to their most pressing challenges.

Strategic Planning

Imagine an airport that’s purchased millions of dollars in security tech only to rip it out 4-5 years later based on a new requirement.  Think of an airline spending millions of dollars on extra manpower only to realize that they could have designed a more cost-effective approach.  These things happen, but not when we’re onboard!  We help our clients think through the “what ifs” related to new requirements and threat scenarios, and plan accordingly.

Trial Support

Airports and airlines can be challenged to identify effective KPIs when evaluating new and emerging tech, and they may be reluctant to rely on a vendor.  We work with stakeholders to build out comprehensive trial plans and KPIs, driving consensus among those involved.  We help articulate and communicate the “why” around a trial effort, and how it fits into the longer-term strategy of our client.


LAM LHA’s approach to program design is thoughtfully tailored to the unique circumstances of each operational environment. Transcending off-the-shelf solutions common to large consulting firms, our approach involves deep industry expertise and an agile approach.

Relevant Work

LAM LHA has supported operators in the US and Europe with designing, implementing, and evaluating future-focused security and passenger facilitation programs.

Pre-Clearance 2.0; A More Flexible Approach

We assisted a major European airport in developing a comprehensive future-proofing strategy surrounding the US DHS Pre-Clearance program, which will help make the airport a leading last-point of-departure location from Europe to the US.

« LAM LHA’s positioning strategies for working with US stakeholders helped us successfully navigate US opportunities for our Better Airport suite of SaaS solutions. With LAM LHA’s support, we were able to successfully pilot our solution as part of the TSA Innovation Task Force initiative, an incredible opportunity and win for our team. »

Kasper Hounsgaard  CEO, Copenhagen Optimization

Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help your organization bolster its preparedness stance and plan for future growth

Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help your organization bolster its preparedness stance and plan for future growth