Regulatory & Requirements Development

Navigating a new market with complex rules and a shadow economy of decision-makers is not easy. You need a guide to help you traverse this unfamiliar territory.


Aviation and security are two of the most highly regulated markets out there. Change happens fast and staying apprised of regulatory requirements is critical to success—one misguided decision could set you behind. With years of experience negotiating sensitive regulatory complexities in the US and throughout Europe, we’re here to drive the debate and help your organization stay at the forefront of new developments.

Government Engagement

Working directly with government stakeholders can be challenging.  From the outside, it’s not always clear whom to call and what you can ask.  Moreover, government officials have a million things on their plates (we know from experience!).  Crafting the right message and making sure it’s heard takes practice.  We help you identify the right partners in government and work with you to engage them so that everyone’s comfortable and excited about what lies ahead.

Regulatory Tracking

Hundreds of pages of regulatory text can seem overwhelming.  But, a sentence or two can tip the scale from success to failure – so there’s a real “need to know”.  Not to fear, the regulatory nerds are here.  We will summarize for you the key regulatory issues at play in your target market that could impact your current and future bottom line – or your product development efforts.  As important, we’ll track the debate among/between key decision-makers and will analyze for you how they’re likely to evolve.

Coalition Building

At times, there is strength in numbers. You competitor in one context could be an ally in another, for the benefit of you both.  We translate aligned interests on certain topics into powerful coalitions to drive impactful change.  We will identify for you where coordination with like-minded entities will support your individual goals.  Moreover, we will coordinate across community stakeholders to organize the group and develop a coordinated approach and a solid work plan.


Our team will apply a proven project approach to guide your organization through the multifaceted process of securing a solid regulatory foundation for your latest technology or process. In the beginning, we take stock of the regulatory documentation you have in-hand and the discussions you’ve had to date. We then go to work digging up new requirements or the missing bits .

Relevant Work

LAM LHA has developed advocacy and regulatory guidance solutions for clients the US and throughout Europe.

« LAM LHA worked with us to identify how we might implement a next-generation model for pre-clearing U.S.-bound passengers. Anne Marie and her team delivered sound advice, which assisted us in working through a win-win solution with our U.S. partners. »

Wilfried Covent Senior Security Adviser, Brussels Airport Company

Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you navigate the regulatory requirements of a new market.

Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you navigate the regulatory requirements of a new market.