Research & Guidance Development

Carefully extracted data and honest, insightful input from industry leaders informs decision-making and shapes the future of the security ecosystem.


We conduct wide-ranging research to identify and understand industry best practices, opportunities, vulnerabilities, and trends in the aviation, transportation, and security markets. Through effective research, and by engaging our network of leaders and experts from industry and government to gather information, we capture data that helps improve and enhance industry practice.

Market Research & Benchmarking

What is the competition doing?  How are industry colleagues thinking about a particular issue?  How can government mimic private sector practices, and vice-versa (yes, that’s possible!).  Benchmarking matters, and we help our clients nail it.  With a comprehensive understanding of where things stand, it suddenly becomes much easier to evolve a standard and stay in front.

Guidance Material Development

We have authored some of the industry’s most important guidance materials.  We know that our clients don’t have the time to dig into the details, nor take the pen on pages of text.  No worries!  We’re the industry’s nerd herd.  We pull together relevant research and analysis to provide solid materials that will further our clients’ goals and (yes!) drive near and longer-term innovation in the market.

Trend Forecasting & Vision Shaping

We understand that not everyone has a full-time in-house innovation team.  And, we love providing this service.  We work with some of the industry’s leading organizations to identify trends in the market and shape a future vision that enhances security, drives operational efficiency, and takes passenger experience to an entirely new level.


The LAM LHA team understands that listening is critical to designing insightful research engagements. LAM LHA’s approach begins with a deep-dive with the client related to objectives and goals. Thereafter, we pull relevant materials past and present, and engage with key thought leaders across the industry to get a fresh perspective. The information we collect informs a robust analysis that helps our clients evolve the industry, one innovation at a time.

Relevant Work

LAM LHA has conducted strategy and new market discovery projects for a range of diverse clients.

Thinking Through Open Borders

We are rolling up our sleeves alongside the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to develop a Manual on Open Borders for industry, incorporating new regulatory realities, current operational considerations, new processes, and emerging technology capabilities.

« We often talk about the importance of innovation in our industry, while urging our partners to roll up their sleeves and do the work required to make this happen. This is, without a doubt, one of LAM LHA’s key strengths. »

Nina Brooks Director, Airports Council International

Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you capture the data you need to move forward.

Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you capture the data you need to move forward.