Strategy & New Market Discovery

You have an idea for new technology that will revolutionize the industry.
Now what?


Your team of innovators has uncovered an idea that has the power to change the industry. Now you need a partner with the experience to navigate the path to market in the heavily regulated aviation, transportation, and border security sectors. With years of diverse industry experience and strategic relationships established in the US and European regions, LAM LHA offers sharp business acumen and unparalleled understanding of a complex, dynamic and fast-growing industry.

Positioning & Stakeholder Engagement

Shaping the market requires targeted engagement with a select group of influencers in the ecosystem.  LAM LHA helps you better understand the needs of future clients or partners and target your message in a way that will resonate as a call to action.  As important, LAM LHA ensures that you’re delivering this crystal-clear message to the right stakeholders, at the right time.  We’ve built a reputation for quick execution and valuable contribution.  Fortunately, the AVSEC/passenger facilitation underground is full of others like us, and we know who they are.

Product Testing & Evaluation Support

Getting a product certified takes time and meticulous attention to detail. We handle the administrivia of T&E, engaging with local stakeholders to maximize efficiency and your chances of success.  In the US, this includes collaborating closely with TSA and DHS S&T.  In Europe, we work closely with key European Member State labs and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) to help clients through the Common Evaluation Process (CEP).  With our understanding of both processes, we can advise clients on staging their engagement, and how progress through one T&E channel can be used to expedite the other.

On-the-Ground Representation

As a small business, it’s tough to manage a team locally and conquer the market abroad at the same time.  We’ll gather market insights and represent you in strategic meetings to help inform your approach, ensuring you’re making rapid and impactful progress without having to spend valuable time away from your product team.  As important, we’ll ensure that the time you spend in-market is packed with valuable discussions that accelerate your success.

Go-to-Market Roadmaps & Trial Development

We’re not sales representatives or distributors.  Rather, we thrive on brining new capabilities to market for the benefit of the community.  LAM LHA works with you to understand the aviation security and passenger facilitation sectors and related decision-making processes.  Moreover, we are an extension of your team, building and continually refining a detailed action plan for entering the sector, or a new geographic market.


From project initiation through final delivery and closeout, our clients can expect LAM LHA to provide an open line of communication, deliver clear product and guidance, and proactively attack project goals on their behalf. The project engagement will begin with an in-depth workshop with you and your team to better understand your product, background on prior efforts, and objectives in the market. Thereafter, we will use our market expertise and network to develop a comprehensive project plan for the period of engagement. We will participate in regular meetings or calls with you to monitor progress against the project plan, refining objectives with you as we gather learnings in the market and capturing both progress and refinements to the strategy in regular written deliverables. At the close of the engagement, we will provide a summary of activities undertaken on your behalf, an analysis of learnings and progress resulting from the engagement and recommended next steps for you and your team.

Relevant Work

LAM LHA has served as a trusted strategic partner for many firms with new ideas focused on improving security and passenger experience.

« We needed an on-the-ground European representative to help us explore market opportunities for piloting our technology directly with airport stakeholders. Anne Marie and the team at LAM LHA provided us with expert guidance, strategies and connections. They were then able to coordinate with a range of ECAC stakeholders to ensure we developed and met the relevant testing and evaluation standards for a new detection product. »

Raj Mellacheruvu COO 1st Detect

Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you bring innovative technologies to market faster.

Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you bring innovative technologies to market faster.