In Case You Missed It, Happy Passengers Spend More Money In Airports

A new report by ACI World confirms and quantifies what advocates of seamless passenger travel have said for a long time: happier passengers spend more money at airports. The study found that for [...]

A New Travel Authorization for 39 Million Travelers to the EU

Following steps of the US, Canada and Australia, who set the trend for electronic travel authorization for visa waiver travelers, the European Parliament gave its green light today for the [...]

Innovation in Bag Tracking

The revolutionary nature of Electronic Bag Tags (EBT) has been part of discussions for several years. Despite its promise to optimize baggage handling operations in the world’s airports, EBTs [...]

In Focus

Away With Checklists: TSA Moves Towards Outcome-Focused Compliance

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently published a new Outcome-Focused Compliance (OFC) brochure. This is a big deal. It shows that TSA is moving towards a more modern and [...]