In Case You Missed It, Happy Passengers Spend More Money In Airports

A new report by ACI World confirms and quantifies what advocates of seamless passenger travel have said for a long time: happier passengers spend more money at airports. The study found that for [...]


European Union publishes enhanced aviation security requirements

In our December 2018 blog, we highlighted the European Union’s (EU) intention to beef up aviation security (AVSEC) requirements related to insider threat. The specifics have recently been [...]


From Road to Runway: AVs to drive change at airports

In March 2004, twelve autonomous vehicles (AV) set off through the Mojave Desert to conquer a 240-kilometer course and take home a $1 million prize. The competition, organized by DARPA and dubbed [...]


Innovation in Bag Tracking

The revolutionary nature of Electronic Bag Tags (EBT) has been part of discussions for several years. Despite its promise to optimize baggage handling operations in the world’s airports, EBTs [...]

In Focus

XP-DITE & Aviation Security Evolution

The ultimate airport security checkpoint might be closer in reach than one would expect. Seamless, less intrusive, quick and efficient security operations are part of the vision under the [...]