Innovation Initiatives in Aviation Security

Although some might claim that aviation security technologies and practices have not changed much in the last twenty years, we are seeing multiple new initiatives to drive innovation in the [...]

Imagining Hyperloop Security

Hyperloop is an exciting concept, imagined by industrialist Elon Musk in the ‘Hyperloop Alpha’ whitepaper.  Hyperloop systems are looking more and more likely to come to fruition by the day, [...]

Cross-Pollination Opportunity? Smart Floor Detection in Airports

Sensifall, developed by ABCD Innovation, is a flooring that makes it possible to automatically detect and analyze activity, and inform the right people.  According to the company, the solution is [...]

Cross-Pollination Opportunity? Crowdsourcing Checkpoint Feedback.

Chris Holmes, founder and CEO of Fllike, has created an app that lets you review your flight from your iPhone, then share it with a community of users. Holmes’ efforts to create a snapshot of [...]