The most compelling proof of the value of partnering with LAM LHA comes directly from our clients

« LAM LHA’s positioning strategies for working with US stakeholders helped us successfully navigate US opportunities for our Better Airport suite of SaaS solutions. With LAM LHA’s support, we were able to successfully pilot our solution as part of the TSA Innovation Task Force initiative, an incredible opportunity and win for our team. »

Kasper Hounsgaard CEO, Copenhagen Optimization

« LAM LHA supported us in evaluating how best to approach a new market. Their analysis demonstrated a unique understanding of aviation security market drivers and how the ecosystem functions, making them stand apart from some of the larger firms. »

Ronald Engels Director, Aviation Security, G4S

« We needed an on-the-ground European representative to help us explore market opportunities for piloting our technology directly with airport stakeholders. Anne Marie and the team at LAM LHA provided us with expert guidance, strategies and connections. They were then able to coordinate with a range of ECAC stakeholders to ensure we developed and met the relevant testing and evaluation standards for a new detection product. »

Raj Mellacheruvu COO 1st Detect

« LAM LHA worked with us to identify how we might implement a next-generation model for pre-clearing U.S.-bound passengers. Anne Marie and her team delivered sound advice, which assisted us in working through a win-win solution with our U.S. partners. »

Wilfried Covent Senior Security Adviser, Brussels Airport Company

« We often talk about the importance of innovation in our industry, while urging our partners to roll up their sleeves and do the work required to make this happen. This is, without a doubt, one of LAM LHA’s key strengths. »

Nina Brooks Director, Airports Council International

« LAM LHA quickly picked up on the benefits of our capability. The Team is uniquely adept at building partnerships with European stakeholders to develop pragmatic approaches to trialing new technologies, including counter-drone solutions. »


« LAM LHA knows the latest technological, operational, and regulatory trends. They’re intimately familiar with what every stakeholder in this world is thinking—almost to a psychic degree. »

Bruno Faviero COO, Synapse